Friday, February 8, 2013

January Cara Box

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I've been horrible at blogging. I love it but I've just had zero time for it lately.
I was so fortunate to be paired up with I'm sure, one of the  loveliest ladies on the entire Earth. She was so sweet from the first email I received. We quickily exchanged TONS of emails. I felt like I could share anything with her.

Her name is Kimberly and you can catch her over here. Team Howard

She seriously thought of everything. She actually cared what I was passionate about. She is such a great woman and sister in Christ. Sometimes you can just tell when someone is going to be successful in everything they do, I can tell that about her. I have found a lady friend for life with her!

Check out what she got me! So thoughtful. Each gift was individually wrapped and attached with a sweet little note. She even was considerate enough to get something I can share with the husband and little mini skateboards for my boys.
My experience was just amazing with this lady!

Check her out, she's worth the read!!

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  1. Yay! So glad you liked the gifts and hopefully the whole family loves that they got a little Cara Box love too! It has been a joy getting to know you! Love the new blog design!! :)


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